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Tamaki and Haruhi June 26, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 12 Subbed added.
- Episode 12 screencaps added.

June 22, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 12 RAW added.
- Episode 13 preview added.
- All expired links should be fixed.
Sorry guys, no Ep.12 subbed episode yet. I didn't have time to screencap either, so those will come this weekend. But I'm sooo close to finishing the content update. ;______; But the forums code is also threatening to exhaust me. And the RPG... I have not forgotten!!! But I'm so tired... *yawns* I'm just gonna rest for a little while...

June 18, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 11 Subbed and RAW added.
- Episode 11 screencaps added.
- Episode 12 preview added.
A Music Videos section is being planned out. I'm currently seeking out the quality AMVs and asking permission from the creators to host them. I'm also in the process of expanding the fanfiction archive (it has not yet been updated), seeking quality stories and also asking permission from the authors to post them. I just wanted to let you all know that yes, I am working on the major content update. Keep checking back within the next two weeks. I promise that the content update will definitely come before Anime Expo (July 1-4).

June 14, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 9 Subbed added.
- Episode 10 Subbed and RAW added.
- Episode 10 screencaps added.
- Episode 11 preview added.
Sorry, this isn't the major content update just yet. (Where does all the time go?! ^^;;) I want to say thanks to the people who've been waiting patiently and who also understand the fact that I have a life outside of this website. (Sometimes I find that hard to believe myself. LOL.) If updates are not consistent (concerning when I upload anime download links and screencaps), then that means there is a reason. Please, please, please be patient. That's all I ask. Other than that, thanks again for visiting and to those who comment on the tagboard (which I do read by the way) - a major thanks 'cause it's nice to know that hard work is appreciated.

June 3, 2006
- All fanlistings have been updated.
- Mischief-maker - The Approved Hikaru Hitachiin Fanlisting is OPEN for applicants.
Information: Magazine
- LaLa June '06 Issue (Ep.39) added.
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 9 RAW added.
- Episode 9 screencaps added.
- Episode 10 preview added.
- Icons by Terry added.
- Layouts subsection added.
Media: Music
- Sakura Kiss Mp3 has been updated with a better quality version.
- Ending song Shissou info and Mp3 added.
Coming Soon updated.
I'll be on a road trip from 6/04-6/09 without any Internet access (obviously), so there will be no updates during that time. Another (hopefully) major content update is in the planning stages (i.e. anime vs. manga comparisons, fanfiction actually hosted here, etc). When I return, I will also be focusing my energies on revamping the forums plus adding the RPG section I've been promising for so long. Oh, and I will get around to changing the Poll. It's been the same one for a long time, hasn't it? XD;; Anyways, thanks everyone for being so supportive and understanding~! See you soon!

May 30, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 8 Subbed added.
- Episode 8 RAW added.
- Episode 8 screencaps added.
- Episode 9 preview added.

May 23, 2006
Anime: Episodes
- Episode 7 Subbed added.
- Episode 7 screencaps added.
- Episode 8 preview added.
Hi guys. Just wanted to give you a heads' up that updates aren't going to be too consistent for awhile. I mean, I'll try to update w/ the latest episodes on time, but there are things in my schedule that might get in the way. I still have to update the forum w/ the Role-Playing section, etc. *sighs* There's still a lot I want to update on the site, too (i.e. fanfics, music, etc). Let's hope I'll make time for it. But for now, other things in my life are taking priority. Also, just to let you know for those that this concerns, I have received your e-mails. I'll reply to them either today or tomorrow. Bye for now~!