Q: Where is the series published?
A: In America, it is published in volumes by Viz as part of its Shoujo Beat Manga series. In Japan, it is serialized in the magazine LaLa, and then published in volume series by Hana to Yume comics.

Q: How many volumes are there?
A: Currently, there are seven volumes out in Japan.

Q: Is it finished yet?
A: The series is ongoing.

Q: Where can I buy the volumes?
A: Volumes can be found at your local bookstore or comic store. I get my volumes from Borders. If you're looking for the Japanese volumes, you can usually find them at Japanese bookstores. I go to Kinokuniya Bookstores. For either English or Japanese volumes, you can usually go to anime specialty stores online.

Q: I love your graphics! Can I use them?
A: Do NOT steal my graphics. For items like icons or wallpapers, you can take them if you save to your own hard-drive and properly credit.

Q: Wow, where did you find all these Ouran Host Club images? I can't find any!
A: All images used in the making of this site were scanned by me. Do NOT use any of them without permission or proper credit. You must e-mail me if you find something you like and want to use it. I will most likely say yes, but if I find out you took the images without asking, there will be hell to pay. *smiles sweetly*

Q: Is is true that there is going to be an Ouran anime?
Yes, adoring fans! It is true that our favorite manga will be turned into an anime. The Bones Studio will be adapting our lovely series. It will start broadcasting in April '06 on NTV and Takuya Igarashi (Ashita no Nadja, Sailor Moon S) will direct. More info is available in the Info: Anime section.

Q: When will the Ouran anime be released in the U.S.?
Okay guys, I know everyone's really excited about the anime, but in April 2006, it will be premiering in Japan. There is no info on if/when the anime is going to released in the U.S. There has been no news of any companies even looking into it. Sorry guys, but there's going to be a long wait before the anime ever gets here.

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