For Richer or Poorer is a fansite dedicated to the series by Bisco Hatori - Ouran High School Host Club from Viz's Shoujo Beat Manga, otherwise known as Ouran Koukou Host Club in Japan. This is just my little corner of the net for others to enjoy, and I believe it's the first English site to be dedicated to this wonderful little series. I love all the members of the Host Club - everyone is hilarious and their relationships with each other is definitely one of a kind. I just wanted to express my love for the series and the characters through this site.

I have a lot of things up, but hopefully this site will grow with some of your submissions. Please send in fanfiction, fanart, icons, wallpapers, opinions, etc. It will be great to hear from you guys! Please show your love for the Ouran Host Club!

As for why I named the site For Richer or Poorer, the answer is simple enough. Obviously, for those who noticed, the phrase comes from the words said at wedding ceremonies. That doesn't have anything to do with why I chose that phrase though. ^^;; Differences between the rich and poor is a theme in the manga, which is shown in a light-hearted manner. I just remembered that phrase and it seemed to fit. *shrugs*

Take a look around, and you'll see the fascination that is Ouran High School Host Club.

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