This section contains SPOILERS. You have been warned.

The canon relationships I talk about here are platonic with a feeling of friendship or brotherly love. The relationships displayed here are the ones on-going in the manga. There is no romance between these characters whatsoever.

Tamaki & Kyoya Tamaki & Kyoya
Tamaki and Kyoya are good friends in the manga, though it doesn't often show. Where Tamaki is busy handling the club from the front, charming customers and whatnot, Kyoya works from the background with his calculations and data. In Volume 6, they share several moments. Tamaki seems to be worrying about Kyoya, and Kyoya brushes him off a little. However, later we see how comfortable their relationship is. Tamaki lays his hands on Kyoya's shoulders as the other boy sits in front of a computer. They're talking about some type of competition and how they can't lose. They seem to work well together and it would be nice to see more scenes between these friends. In the November 2005 LaLa magazine issue, we do get an episode where we see Tamaki and Kyoya meet for the first time! Yatta! You can download this chapter in the Information: Magazine section.

Hikaru & Kaoru Hikaru & Kaoru
Hikaru and Kaoru are twins who share a close brotherly relationship. One is rarely seen without the other. They're not quite the same, but still share some common personality aspects. Both of them like to be daring and are usually the trouble-making ones. If there was a prank or some other type of mischief, they would be the first suspects. They have a care-free and easygoing attitude about a lot of things. Seriousness is a rare facet with these two. Though they are laid-back, both twins are clever and witty. They like to tease and flirt with girls. They also like to keep up their joking reputation. They only reveal their vulnerabilities to each other. When one of them gets hurt, the other is easily upset. Theirs is a deep relationship... though sometimes you can't tell. ^^;;

Hunny & Mori Hunny & Mori
Hunny and Mori share a close friendship, especially being cousins and the only third-years within the Host Club. As we learn in Volume 2, they are cousins and childhood friends. The Morinozuka family served the Haninozuka family for generations before marriage blended the family two generations ago. Still, Mori sticks close to Hunny. Hunny can usually be seen in Mori's arms or getting a piggy-back ride from him. When Hunny cries and gets upset, Mori is the first person he runs to. Meanwhile, Hunny waits for Mori when the older boy has Kendo practice. In the extra episode titled "Hunny's Bun-Bun," Mori is the only one who knows how to handle Hunny, while everyone else is freaking out about what to do with the stained Bun-Bun. Opposites seem to attract in this relationship because where Mori is quiet and sober, Hunny is outgoing and cute. However, they seem to suit each other just fine and their unique dynamic only leaves the reader with one word: "Awww..."

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