Who's your favorite characters? Who do you think should end up with Haruhi? Do you have a crack pairing you'd like to share? Why do you love Ouran High School Host Club? Just want to share some random thing about the Ouran Host Club? Answer any or all of these questions and send your answers to me~! I'll post them here! (Provided they're not something completely crazy. I reserve the right not to post something I deem inappropriate.)

Who're your favorite characters?

Lila Yuen -
Haruhi. She's such an original character, and I simply love her personality. It's quite... unfathomable at times, you could say, but that's the beauty of it. It's hilarious how she says what's on her mind immediately--with zero malice--and you see how innocent she is, too. (Ex. "And this is my senpa--*thinks a little* an acquaintance." In the background, Tamaki freaks out. XD) It's very cute, too. ^_^ Hmm, I really like Kyoya too, but I'm a weakling for characters with glasses and dark hair. I like his bed hair too. Speaking of dark hair, I like Mori too, but not just because of his hair. I like his quiet and mysterious aura. He seems like a man that you can turn to to talk to, and you can expect him to listen. ^^

Who do you think should end up with Haruhi?

Lila Yuen -
Well, as much as I love Mori, Kyoya, and Hikaru, I want Haruhi to end up with Tamaki. I mean, he's such a sweet guy, kind of eccentric and flappable, but he means well. Really well. Even if Haruhi doesn't acknowledge his feelings, he keeps trying, feeling no hatred or annoyance, and I really respect that part of him. Besides, can't you imagine them in a room together with Haruhi on the couch reading a book and Tamaki playing a classical piece on the piano? Very sweet and cute. ^_^ I saw in volume 6 that there's a cute moment between them with some food, but I can't understand any Japanese. It just looked adorable.

Crack pairing?

Lila Yuen -
Hmmm... well, not really. I kind of like the idea of MorixHaruhi though.

Why do you like Ouran High School Host Club?

Lila Yuen -
What really attracted me was the art. I just saw nothing like it in my four years of reading manga. XD It's especially detailed, particularly in the backgrounds. Also, the characters are so squeezable that it's ridiculous (in a very good way). Tamaki kind of annoyed me on the outset, but geesh, I love him now. They have original personalities, nice looks, and their own unique perks that make me squeal. >__< In addition, the humor is amazing. When I read the first volume in the car on the way home from the mall, I kept giggling, and when I got home, I couldn't make it up the driveway. It was just that hilarious. Sometimes I forget that there's supposed to be romance in the series. XD

Other Comments?

Lila Yuen -
I watched the first episode of the anime, and is anyone else blown away? I thought it was fantastic--an excellent adaptation from the manga. I particularly love the light bulb joke that was sustained throughout the episode, and Tamaki's final reaction. His blush was adorable! ^_^ The theme songs are great as well. Wow, I can't wait until a soundtrack is released!

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