This section contains SPOILERS. You have been warned.

In this section, I will display any type of memorable moment (mostly romantic) that has happened in the manga. There will either be pictures, quotes, descriptions, or some combination of the three. I will be taking moments out of the Japanese volumes, and once it becomes available in English, I will add quotes and descriptions. The only reason I'm not doing the descriptions now is because I could misinterpret something the author intended to be taken another way since I can't read most of the dialogue. This is so I won't mislead anyone... ^^;; Enjoy~!

 Hikaru & Kaoru

Volume 1, Episode 01
Haruhi Voice-Over: The chaos of Host Club life strikes... and kicks me right back to square one.
Tamaki: Hmm? What's this? A student ID? *picks it up*
Haruhi: Oh... I bet that's mine.
Tamaki: *pause* Haruhi...
Haruhi: Yes?
Tamaki: ... You're a girl?
Haruhi: Yes. Never claimed otherwise.
Tamaki: *long pause* ...... ?!?!

Volume 1, Episode 03
Tamaki: Haruhi! *runs up* Whatcha think of my acting?
Haruhi: It was... uh... fascinating, in a way... *thinks* Never saw anyone get so intoxicated with himself.
Tamaki: I've discoverd a new personality facet! And I think I might go with it for awhile...
Haruhi: Y'think so? Seems to me you're okay just the way you are. *thinks* I think his melancholy side would just muddle things. He's easier to take now.
Tamaki: *blushes* Hmm... I suppose... you could be right.

Volume 3, Episode 08

Volume 3, Episode 08
Tamaki: Haruhi... Are you... secretly a martial artist like Hunny, or do you have diving experience?
Haruhi: Huh? No...
Tamaki: Then what gives? You didn't call us, even though we were right here! Did you think a girl could take on three guys all alone?
Haruhi: What does being a girl have to do with it? There's no time to think when you're on the spot...
Tamaki: Well, think a little!! Idiot!!
Haruhi: I apologize for troubling you guys, but I don't see why I should be scolded for anything else. I didn't do anything wrong!!
Tamaki: Fine! Do whatever you want!! I won't speak to you until you admit your mistake!!
Hikaru: Looks like he wants to talk already.
Kaoru: Why don't you apologize, Haruhi?
Haruhi: I don't want to.

Volume 3, Episode 09

Volume 3, Episode 09
Tamaki: Tsk. Okay, fine. You're probably wiped out from the big day. Go to bed, all right?
Haruhi: Uh... Tama-
Lightning and thunder flashes, and Haruhi instinctively grabs the back of Tamaki's shirt as he turns to go.
Tamaki: Huh? Wh-what?
Haruhi: Uh... nothing. I'm sorry.
Thunder again.
Haruhi: I'm sorry! I just remembered something I have to do! I'm going now! *goes into a wardrobe*
Tamaki: What business do you have in there? Don't leave yet! Haruhi? Are you afraid of thunderstorms?
Haruhi: ....
Tamaki: Haruhi!! Come out!! Aren't you even more scared, being alone in there?!
Haruhi: I'll be fine! This is how I always deal with it!
Tamaki: *thinks* Always alone in the house... Wouldn't you rather be with someone?
Haruhi: Huh? But... who?
Tamaki: *lying* Just let me tell you one thing. The closet you're in has metal plates at the corners, so it's easy for lightning to...
Haruhi: *quickly opens the wardrobe, hitting Tamaki in the face* ...
Tamaki: *smiles* C'mere. *thunder and lightning flashes* It's much safer here. Mm... I understand now... You've struggled to be independent. It's fine. I lose. From now on, I won't take my eyes off you, so you won't have to do crazy things.
Haruhi: Um... please don't. I would prefer you didn't do that.

Volume 3, Episode 12
Haruhi: Tamaki? They've all gone downstairs.
Tamaki: Yes! I'm coming! It's just... I wanted to send greetings to your mother. It's too loud with them around.
Haruhi: Oh. Thank you very much.
Tamaki: You look a lot like your mother, Haruhi.
Haruhi: Yeah? Dad says so, too.
Tamaki: She's beautiful and she looks intelligent.
Haruhi: I don't know about beautiful. She was a lawyer.
Tamaki: Oh! She must have been a brilliant one! My eye for these things is certain.
Haruhi: I don't know about your eyes... but... I think so too.

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