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As every good manga heroine, especially in a shoujo series, Haruhi has her choice of guys. She gets a choice of six within the Host Club and a few others outside. Of course, some of these pairings are more plausible than others. Let me show you any of the possible pairings for our dear Haruhi within the Ouran Host Club world...

 Hikaru & Kaoru

Haruhi & Tamaki Haruhi & Tamaki
Ahh... Haruhi and Tamaki. I think it's safe to say that these two have had more romantic moments than anyone else so far. While Haruhi may only regard Tamaki as an annoying friend, it's obvious that Tamaki likes her. He cares for her deeply and worries about her. But his good intentions towards her always seem to blow up in his face. Take, for example, when Haruhi was chosen to give the reward kiss at the Christmas party instead of Tamaki (ep.2). Tamaki didn't want Haruhi's first kiss to be like that, and though he couldn't know that she was just going to kiss the winner on the cheek, he tried to stop it. Instead, he accidentally pushed Haruhi and she ended up kissing the girl on the lips, and he looked like he was a "kiss-a-holic." Tamaki the beloved fool. ^^;; However, he is usually the one saving Haruhi in a variety of dramatic moments. But then, of course, the dramatic tension is then broken for some comedic reason. When he sees Haruhi crying during the Renge incident (ep.3), Tamaki assumes that the D class students hurt her, so he punches and threatens them. When he tends to the tearing Haruhi, it turns out that one of her contacts just slipped. -_-;; We can only see if Tamaki's valiant efforts to get Haruhi to notice him romantically will actually work out...
Does this pairing have a chance of happening?: Yes.

Haruhi & Kyoya Haruhi & Kyoya
Hmm, the probability of this pairing has gone up a notch for me ever since V3E8 and V7E28 (Japanese). In E8, Kyoya comes on to Haruhi, telling her that he could go after her anytime as a man, and how, as a woman, she wouldn't be able to stop him. Haruhi, however, does not panic and replies reasonably that he would never go after her because he has nothing to gain from it. That stops Kyoya as he laughs, calling her "interesting". When he asks if she understands, she answers yes, saying that he was just trying to be kind - playing the villain to teach her a lesson. Kyoya doesn't reply, though he gets an expressionless look on his face. When he leaves the room, he secretly smiles as he remembers Haruhi's smile when she says that she understood. There is a feeling of something more behind what Kyoya did. Then, in E28, we get an episode centered on Haruhi and Kyoya. Kyoya is dragged into a department store by the other Host Club members, and runs into Haruhi while there. There are some nice moments between the two of them as Haruhi learns more about the mysterious Host Club vice-president. However, does Kyoya actually like Haruhi? It's too vague to really say for sure, but if he does, he has tough competition in the form of Tamaki and Hikaru. We'll see if Hatori-sensei will give us more of this unlikely - yet appealing - couple.
Does this pairing have a chance of happening?: Maybe.

Haruhi & Hikaru Haruhi & Hikaru
Being one of the Hitachiin brothers, Hikaru loves to flirt with and tease Haruhi. When Haruhi is eating her ginger cookies (E3), Hikaru is the one who bites a piece off her cookie, which is still in her mouth. In V2E5, Kaoru even says that Hikaru is especially fond of Haruhi since he likes to touch her so much (later we find out it's all part of a script, but how much of it was true, do you think? ^_~). In V5E20, Haruhi and Hikaru go out on a date. Of course, Hikaru was tricked into it by Kaoru, though he has no idea. They spend the day together doing things and seem to have a lot of fun. Then an old friend of Haruhi's named Arai bumps into them, and Hikaru gets all upset. He has problems with Arai because he is a reminder that Haruhi has a life and friends outside of the host club, while Hikaru and Kaoru still have a very small world.. He runs off, leaving Haruhi alone. It begins to rain, and Tamaki demands that he go back, revealing that Haruhi is afraid of thunder. Hikaru runs back before he finds her shivering underneath the altar of a church. They're on good terms again. Then, in E32, they have another moment when they both fall into a trap and are stuck in a net together. Because of that, they are in very close proximity. Hehehehe... Right now, I believe Tamaki and Hikaru are the top contenders for Haruhi's heart.
Does this pairing have a chance of happening?: Yes.

Haruhi & Kaoru Haruhi & Kaoru
The younger of the twins, Kaoru also loves to flirt with and tease Haruhi with his brother. In the same scene with the ginger cookies (E3), Kaoru licks cream off Haruhi's cheek. Yes, with his tongue. In V5 during the summer job arc, Haruhi and Kaoru are talking outside the inn, and for once, Kaoru is by himself. A window falls from the second story and Kaoru protects Haruhi with his body. Is this the efforts of a friend or someone who wants to be more? So far... it just seems like harmless flirting. We'll see if these feelings grow for Kaoru.
Does this pairing have a chance of happening?: Eh... maybe.

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