Ouran High School Host Club is currently being serialized monthly in Japan by LaLa magazine.

I have now provided scans of each episode from October 2005 and onwards. I did some serious debating about this, and I knew the majority of you would like it. However, these scans are not to be redistributed anywhere. If someone asks where you got them, kindly direct them to this site. Also, do not hotlink! So, as long as no one breaks the rules, I will keep these scans up. However, if someone does break them, these scans will be taken down immediately. I'm providing these for all Ouran fans' enjoyment. Please don't ruin it for everyone by being stupid. Thank you.

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This section contains SPOILERS. You have been warned.

July '05 Issue: July 2005 of LaLa DX
Cover: Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Host Club
Episode: Special Shot - Hitachiin Family Situation
Notes: Centered on Hikaru and Kaoru when they were little kids.

August '05 Issue: August 2005
Cover: Haruhi, Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Host Club
Episode: 30
Notes: Centered mainly on Hunny and his younger brother Yasuchika, who holds some kind of grudge against him. We also see Mori's younger brother, Satoshi. Both younger brothers were introduced in Episode 29.

September '05 Issue: September 2005
Episode: 31
Giveaway: 29th Anniversary LaLa Drama CD
Notes: Another episode with the Saint Roberia Institute and the Zuka Club. This time, however, it seems that Haruhi was forced into going to that school for some reason. The Host Club members try to find some way to get her back.

October '05 Scans Issue: October 2005
Episode: 32
Download: Episode 32
Giveaway: Ouran High School Host Club Pencil Case
Notes: This episode takes place mainly within Class 1-A - Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi's classroom. The story involves them and their class president (?). There are a lot of scary elements in this episode with the Black Magic Club. There is also a moment between Hikaru and Haruhi as Kaoru contemplates how his relationship with Hikaru is changing (heh, I think).

November '05 Scans Issue: November 2005
Episode: 33
Download: Episode 33
Giveaway: Vampire Knight Memo Pad
Notes: This is a flashback episode where we see how Tamaki and Kyoya first met and how they became friends.

December '05 Scans Issue: December 2005
Episode: 34
Download: Episode 34
Notes: This episode deals with a tough guy who has some kind of grudge (?) against Mori.

January '06 Scans Issue: January 2006
Episode: Special Shot
Download: Extra Episode
Giveaway: Ouran High School Host Club Desk Calendar
Notes: This LaLa issue only contains a 5-page special shot, featuring Kyoya and his bodyguard staff, announcing the Ouran anime.

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