Bisco Hatori Bisco Hatori*
Bisco Hatori made her manga debut with Isshun kan no Romance (A Moment of Romance) in LaLa DX magazine. The comedy Ouran High School Host Club is her breakout hit. When she's stuck thinking up characters' names, she gets inspired by loud, upbeat music (her radio is set to NACK5 FM). She enjoys reading all kinds of manga, but she's especially fond of the sci-fi drama Please Save My Earth and Slam Dunk, a basketball classic.

- Ouran High School Host Club
- A Thousand Years of Snow
- A Moment of Romance

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the author bio at the back of Vol.1
**These are just the ones I've found. I'm currently unaware of any other works Bisco Hatori has done or is doing right now.

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