All right, I debated a lot with myself about having a gallery. I realize firsthand there is no website that offers Ouran images since I scan all the images I use on this site myself. But, I decided to be nice and open up a gallery as long as everyone follows the rules. If I find that the rules are broken, this gallery section will be taken down immediately. Please, please don't ruin it for everyone by being stupid.

Gallery Rules:
- Do NOT redistribute any of these images anywhere. Under no circumstances are scans posted in this community allowed to be reposted on other communities, webpages, journals, or internet of ANY kind. Please also do not pass on pictures found in this community to your friends without my permission. If someone asks where you got the images, please direct them to this site.
- Do NOT hotlink.
- You can use these images to make icons, banners, graphics, etc. For icons, wallpapers, banners, I do not need to be credited. However, if you use the images for something on a much larger scale, like a website layout, I do ask for credit somewhere (just something tiny - i.e. Image from For Richer or Poorer). If people want to see the original picture - again, just direct them to this site.
- If you know of someone breaking the rules, please inform me immediately. Thank you. ^_^

That's not so hard, is it? We'll see how well this works out. If I must, I can make this password protected. Let's not have it come to that, okay?

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