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29th Anniversary LaLa Drama CD 29th Anniversary LaLa Drama CD:
This is the 29th Anniversary LaLa Drama CD featuring five series currently running in their magazine, so there is a wide mixture of voice talent and characters.
In the Ouran track, the Host Club members engage in a game called "Dochi Ball" (Anyone know what that is? Or is that just dodgeball?).
My favorite part of the track is the brief dialogue where they have to pick teams - either Tamaki's or Kyoya's. Of course, Tamaki thinks everyone wants to be with him. But Hikaru, Kaoru, and Hunny all want to be on Kyoya's team. Mori just wants to be on the same team as Hunny. Kyoya says something along the lines of, "Hmm, Mom's team has a large group..." XD Then Tamaki gets into his funk before Haruhi says she'll be on his team. Then Hunny ends up on Tamaki's team and Mori serves as the referee.

Track 01 - Opening
Track 02 - Vampire Knight (Hino Matsuri)
Track 03 - Penguin Kakumei (Tsukuba Sakura)
Track 04 - ZIG ZAG (Nakaji Yuki)
Track 05 - Sailor Fuku ni Onegai! (Tanaka Meka)
Track 06 - Ouran Koukou Host Club (Hatori Bisco)
Track 07 - Ending

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