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Tamaki Suoh

Tamaki Suoh First Name: Tamaki
Last Name: Suoh
Japanese Way: Suou Tamaki
Birthday: April 8
Sign: Aries
Height: 6 feet
Blood Type: A
School: Ouran High School (Private Institution)
Grade: Second Year, Class A
Status: Wealthy lineage
Position: Host Club King (President); Dad
Nationality: Half-French/Half-Japanese
Favorite Subjects: English, French, World History (also fond of Japanese History)
Favorite Foods: Common folk ramen (recently), especially pork flaver; common folk sweets (recently), especially Baby Star
  • *An emotional, narcissistic man who cries easily. Loves historical plays and anime dripping with human emotions.
  • *He appears quite glib with the girls, but he really means what he says. To him, all girls are pretty, and he's at his most self-important when he's charming them giddy.

Tamaki Suoh   Tamaki Suoh is a second-year student at Ouran High School, who established the Host Club when he first entered the private school. He is the self-proclaimed "king" of the club aka president. He is also the school board chairman's son, and takes second-place for mid-terms in his year every time. He is an only child and part of a highly influential family that has plenty of money. Though he is wealthy, he is not careless with money. He is also half-French and half-Japanese.
  Tamaki is very emotional and has an enormous, sensitive ego. He gets depressed "funks" when he or his ego is hurt. He also likes to experiment with new things - in other words, things of the commonfolk. He often means well, particularly with things concerning Haruhi, but sometimes his good intentions blow up in his face. He is very much a drama queen, or king in this matter, and likes things to be grand and extravagant, especially when it comes to the Host Club. He can tear up at will, though his tears are usually genuine, except he does overreact a lot. He is easily upset when it comes to certain things.
  Though he may appear to be overdoing it when flirting and complimenting the clients, Tamaki means what he says in the most sincerest of ways. All girls are pretty to him. He can be particularly sharp in certain situations, coming up with plans to help students in need, but he is also dense most of the time. He is the last one to realize Haruhi is a girl, and the only reason he found out was because he picked up her student ID. He especially stumbles over ways of the commonfolk, trying to understand Haruhi's world, but not that successfully.
  However, Tamaki's popularity with the girls makes him the Number One draw for customers. He has a 70% request rate. He is the only one in the club that can play the piano very elegantly, and has a hyper and playful dog named Antoinette. He also has a cute stuffed bear from childhood named Beary. His closest friend is Kyoya, though sometimes the vice-president won't admit it.
  Ever since Haruhi became a part of the club, Tamaki pays special attention to her. He is at first fascinated by the ways of commonfolk, but comes to genuinely care for Haruhi, though he still doesn't quite understand her or her world. He does, however, really try with her. He likes (loves?) Haruhi very much, and would love for her to be more feminine. Haruhi, however, really couldn't care less either way.

Tid-bits taken from Japanese volumes:
These were collected with my limited knowledge of Japanese. So notes under here will be labeled as unconfirmed until the English volumes come out or someone else can confirm it for me through either tagboard or e-mail.
  • Takes after his father in the personality department
  • Grandmother expects better of him

Author Notes:*
I created him to be "narcissistic and annoying", but as the series progressed he has turned into an annoying idiot. He is the character who's most out of control. Nobody can stop him now... so take him as you find him. ^^;; There are many aspects of him that have yet to be revealed, but that will come later.

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the character profiles at the back of Vol.1

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