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Organized by volume appearance. This section has supporting characters that only make an appearance once or twice.

Ayanokoji Ayanokoji Ayanokoji
First Appears: Volume 1/Episode 1
Grade: Third Year, Class A

Ayanokoji is a regular customer of Tamaki's who becomes jealous when he starts paying attention to Haruhi. She believes that Haruhi, a member of the lower class, should not squander Tamaki's time. She is very cold to Haruhi and bullies her secretly. She puts pins in Haruhi's jacket and throws her bookbag into the pond. In the middle of a conversation with her, Haruhi figures out she is jealous, and Ayanokoji makes a scene, hoping Haruhi will be thrown out. Tamaki, however, has seen past her beauty and into who she really is. She is forever banned from the host club.

Kanako Kasugazaki Kanako Kasugazaki Kanako Kasugazaki
First Appears: Volume 1/Episode 2
Grade: Second Year, Class B

Kanako is a regular customer of the host club's, switching favorites every once in awhile. Her heart, however, really lies with her fianceƩ, Toru Suzushima. She is very interested in dishware, which is what Suzushima Commerce imports. She has learned all about dishware in preparation to be Toru's wife in the future, but she doesn't understand why he is suddenly transferring. Kanako, however, finds out the reason due to the host club and her feelings are made clear. She is currently in a long-distance relationship with Toru. Once a month, she hops on her private jet and goes on tour.

Toru Suzushima Toru Suzushima Toru Suzushima
First Appears: Volume 1/Episode 2
Grade: Second Year, Class C

Toru, thinking himself not worthy of his fianceƩ, decides to transfer to a school in England so he can become a man worthy of her. He doesn't tell Kanako why he is suddenly transferring and Haruhi reprimands him. With the host club's meddling, Toru and Kanako make their feelings clear. He is now in England, while maintaining a long-distance relationship with Kanako.

Yabu Yabu Yabu
First Appears: Volume 2/Episode 4
Occupation: Doctor

Yabu is a strange man that creeps into Ouran High School looking for his daughter during the schoolwide physical exam. He manages a small medical clinic in the next town. The members think he's a sexual predator, and they catch him trying to talk to Haruhi. He just wanted to see his daughter since his wife left him the month before with her. He ends up at Ouran thinking it's Ourin High School, a public school. Tamaki makes the twins draw a map for Yabu, and the host club then sends him on his way.

Shiro Takaoji Shiro Takaoji Shiro Takaoji
First Appears: Volume 2/Episode 6
Grade: Elementary Division, Fifth Year, Class A

Shiro is a stubborn and rude brat seeking the host club's help to see how to make women happy. He doesn't respect their methods though, and ends up running away. The Host Club discovers that Shiro just wants to make one woman happy - the girl he has a crush on - Hina - since she's moving to Germany. Tamaki makes him practice the piano all week before she leaves. Shiro then does a piano recital with her before she leaves. The young couple write to each other every day, and Shiro ends up understanding how to be a host all too well.

Hina Kamishiro Hina Kamishiro Hina Kamishiro
First Appears: Volume 2/Episode 6
Grade: Elementary Division, Fifth Year, Class A

Hina is the girl Shiro has a crush on. She plays the piano, but likes it even more when she can play music with Shiro. However, her family is moving to Germany because of her father's job. Before she leaves, the Host Club and Shiro surprise her with a piano recital performed by the both of them together. She and Shiro write to each other every day.

Kadomatsu Kadomatsu
First Appears: Volume 3/Episode 9
  • V5/E20

Kadomatsu is a servant of the Nekozawa family.

Kuretake Kuretake
First Appears: Volume 3/Episode 9
  • V5/E20

Kuretake is a servant of the Nekozawa family. She reads stories of princes to Kirimi, the sister of Umehito, who longs to see her older brother.

Shima Maezono Shima Maezono
First Appears: Volume 3/Episode 12
Age: 82
Position: Head Housekeeper & Tamaki's Educator

Shima is in charge of Tamaki's upbringing. She often lets Tamaki make his mistakes before telling him about it. She prays daily that he will develop the faculties to detect his own mistakes one day. She also teaches him etiquette.

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