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Mori Morinozuka

Mori Morinozuka First Name: Takashi
Last Name: Morinozuka
Nickname: Mori
Japanese Way: Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi
Birthday: May 5
Sign: Taurus
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Blood Type: O
School: Ouran High School (Private Institution)
Grade: Third Year, Class A
Status: Wealthy lineage
Favorite Subjects: Geography, Japanese History
Favorite Foods: Oriental (like fermented natto soybeans)
*- Strong, yet kind. Picture a Siberian husky... he's just like one.

Mori Morinozuka   Takashi Morinozuka is a third-year student at Ouran High School, who everyone calls "Mori". He is very quiet and sober, and rarely speaks or smiles. As the National Kendo Champion, he is physically very strong. He often picks Haruhi up like a bag of flour over his shoulder. He is almost like the tall, dark, and handsome type, though he doesn't speak often. He is in the Kendo Club, and only joined the Host Club because Hunny did.
  Mori usually takes orders quite literally. He helps whenever anyone asks or needs it. Though he rarely talks, he is very kind and thoughtful of others. He especially worries and cares about Hunny a lot. He gets very depressed when Hunny is mad at him, and usually takes the blame on himself when Hunny is hurt. In times like those, he can be very pessimistic. They have a blood bond as cousins, and he has followed the tradition of the Morinozuka family serving the Haninozuka family, though marriage already blended the family two generations ago.
  Mori, however, isn't an only child. He has a younger brother, Satoshi, who looks up to him.

Tid-bits taken from Japanese volumes:
These were collected with my limited knowledge of Japanese. So notes under here will be labeled as unconfirmed until the English volumes come out or someone else can confirm it for me through either tagboard or e-mail.
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Author Notes:*
If I leave him alone, he winds up being a "quiet, sober-faced fellow," so he makes me groan a lot. But his love is vast, so there's at least an outside chance of Haruhi and Mori becoming a couple.
The pronunciation of "Morinozuka" is the same as "Mori" (forest), but when he is called "Mori," the "Mo" is emphasized.

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the character profiles at the back of Vol.1

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