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Hunny Haninozuka

Hunny Haninozuka First Name: Mitsukuni
Last Name: Haninozuka
Nickname: Hunny
Japanese Way: Haninozuka "Honey" Mitsukuni
Birthday: February 29
Sign: Pisces
Height: 4 feet 9 inches
Blood Type: AB
School: Ouran High School (Private Institution)
Grade: Third Year, Class A
Status: Wealthy lineage
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Foods: Cake, strawberries; unexpected cravings for spicy things
Habitual Phrase:* "Neeeeeeee" and putting "--ne" at the end of a sentence. Sometimes says "--kane" like a middle-aged man. (In Japanese, Hunny ends sentences with the equivalent of "Isn't it?" or "Right?")
*- His niche is "cute in almost an illegal way." But when you look closely, you can't really tell if he's cute, weird, natural or calculated.

Hunny Haninozuka   Mitsukuni Haninozuka is a third-year student at Ouran High School, though you probably wouldn't know it at first glance. He is also the oldest member of the Host Club. He is extremely cute, but despite his size, don't be deceived. He is the National Middle School Champion in karate and judo. He is physically very strong, at least when angry. He knows how to defend himself and his friends.
  Though "Mitsukuni" is his given name, everyone calls him "Hunny". He also loves to call others by nicknames (i.e. Haruhi=Haru, Tamaki=Tama, etc). In the manga, flowers surround whatever Hunny says. Hunny is usually never seen without his stuffed rabbit, Bun-Bun. Somewhat ironically, Hunny doesn't like carrots. He is, however, extremely partial to cake and any other types of sweets.
  Hunny is easily upset when he loses things or gets scared. He also tears up pretty easily when upset. He also hates to be mean to others, but he likes to take naps and give hugs. It's rumored that if woken up during a nap, he gets put in a really foul mood. He's also in a bad mood if he goes without sweets for a long period of time.
  When upset, he runs to Mori, who is actually his cousin. They share a very close relationship. Hunny is the only one to call Mori by his first name, "Takashi".
  Hunny's cute appearance and ways attract many clients, so he is particularly aware of cutsy things. He knew Haruhi was a girl the moment he met her.
  Hunny isn't an only child. He has a younger brother named Yasuchika in the junior high division of Ouran.

Tid-bits taken from Japanese volumes:
These were collected with my limited knowledge of Japanese. So notes under here will be labeled as unconfirmed until the English volumes come out or someone else can confirm it for me through either tagboard or e-mail.
  • Has sibling(s), but I'm unaware of how many

Author Notes:*
I made him the "oldest member" in Episode 1, yet in Episode 3, Hunny is Pisces and Mori is Taurus, so now Mori is the oldest member... sorry about that. To tie up loose ends, I thought I'd say, "Hunny was held back one year," but decided not to.

Apparently, however, as Alli brought to my attention, if you're a Pisces, then you are older than a Taurus. So Ms. Hatori was right the first time. Hunny is the oldest member of the Host Club. ^_^

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the character profiles at the back of Vol.1

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