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Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin First Name: Hikaru
Last Name: Hitachiin
Japanese Way: Hitachiin Hikaru
Birthday: June 9
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Blood Type: B
School: Ouran High School (Private Institution)
Grade: First Year, Class A
Status: Wealthy lineage
Favorite Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry
Favorite Foods: Italian, anything super spicy
*- One word for their personalities is "dry." Very avid about things they are interested in but quite apathetic toward things they are not.
*- Unlike Tamaki, they are wholly calculating in their customer relations. They think women are easy. Still, they're just kids, so they sometimes do unexpected things. (i.e. In "Hunny's Bun-bun," they were "pretending to be scared," but in the end, they were genuinely upset.)
*- They're not really partial to spicy foods, so much as being contrary by eating whatever's "so fiery that nobody else dares try it." They do love maple syrup, though. Perhaps not the most ideal dining companions.

Hikaru Hitachiin   Hikaru Hitachiin is a first-year student at Ouran High School, and the older of the Hitachiin twins. His words and actions a bit more evil than his brother's. He is loud and particulary crazy about schemes and mischief. He also doesn't care if he's being rude or obnoxious, especially if he thinks he's in the right.
  Though he may act tough and uncaring, his one weakness is his brother. He cares for him deeply, and if he's hurt, he gets upset easily, though he won't show it to anyone but Kaoru. He is also particularly fond of Haruhi, since he and Kaoru have accepted her into their little world. However, he can't accept that Haruhi has had a life and friends before her time at Ouran. He gets extremely annoyed when Haruhi talks to an old friend, both jealous and not understanding why she needs other friends besides them. He gets angrier a lot easier than his brother. Kaoru usually tones him down just a bit.
  Hikaru doesn't have many people that matter to him. He is codependent on Kaoru, and tends to shut out everyone else. He is especially immature and acts out his feelings without restraint. He only knows how to throw his feelings around rather than expressing them calmly, so he looks like a possessive kid. He doesn't know how to go about showing his genuine feelings. Hikaru still has to learn the basics of personal interaction.

Tid-bits taken from Japanese volumes:
These were collected with my limited knowledge of Japanese. So notes under here will be labeled as unconfirmed until the English volumes come out or someone else can confirm it for me through either tagboard or e-mail.
  • Father works in software business

Author Notes:*
I like these guys... and I'm finally able to draw them confidently.

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the character profiles at the back of Vol.1

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