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Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka First Name: Haruhi
Last Name: Fujioka
Japanese Way: Fujioka Haruhi
Birthday: February 4
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5 feet
Blood Type: O
School: Ouran High School (Private Institution)
Elementary: Izumino Elementary School
Grade: First Year, Class A
Status: Common lineage
  • Scholarship student
  • Female posing as a male
Favorite Subjects: English, History
Favorite Cooking Style: Boiling up whatever's handy
Favorite Foods: Sushi, ramen, strawberries; has yet to eat great fatty tuna
  • Owes the Host Club $80,000 for breaking an expensive vase
  • Waived if she draws 100 customers
  • After the Ayanokoji incident (V1E1), Tamaki raises the quota to 1000 customers
  • After the Christmas Party incident (V1E2), Kyoya cuts the debt by a third
  • After the Shiro Takaoji incident (V2E6), Kyoya adds another $1000 to her debt
  • *Not very materialistic. For example, she really wants a laptop but doesn't lose any sleep over it. She hopes to win a raffle at the marketplace or something like that.
  • *It's not that her fashion sense is poor, but she will throw on whatever's at hand, no matter how crummy it looks.

Haruhi Fujioka   Haruhi Fujioka is an exceptional scholarship student at Ouran High School. However, one day when she accidentally breaks an $80,000 dollar vase, she has to pay back the host club. At first, the members believe she's a boy, so she works as the host club's dog before actually becoming a host herself. When all the members figure out she's a girl, she continues to work in disguise to pay off her debt.
  Haruhi doesn't appreciate the preceived differences between the sexes, so she is very casual about working as a host. She is na├»ve and oblivious about certain things. However, she is bluntly honest and usually says what's on her mind. If it can be taken as an insult, that usually isn't what she means because she commonly speaks without malice. She also doesn't care much about looks. When she first met the Host Club, she was a bit distracted by the six gorgeous guys. Now that she's used to them and their eccentricities, it doesn't seem to phase her anymore. She has learned to go with the flow of the club. Her natural charisma makes her a big hit with the clients with her innocent yet honest remarks.
  Haruhi comes from a somewhat average lifestyle, which is considered poor compared to Ouran standards. She is very practical about spending and thinks of ways to save money. Being a single child, it is just her and her father in their small apartment. Her mother was a brilliant lawyer and died ten years prior. Her father doesn't handle money so well, but he works at a male bar and cross-dresses.
  Haruhi is very smart and works hard at her studies. The Ouran Scholarship has high standards - she has to get the top score in her year for mid-terms in order to keep from being expelled (V5E17). She is also good at cooking. She doesn't like artificial, fancy places (V2E7), but she is also afraid of thunder (V3E9).
Tid-bits taken from Japanese volumes:
These were collected with my limited knowledge of Japanese. So notes under here will be labeled as unconfirmed until the English volumes come out or someone else can confirm it for me through either tagboard or e-mail.
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Author Notes:*
It's fun to draw her various boy/girl aspects. She was designed, as I said, "cuter, cuter," and became a heroine with enormous eyes. Sorry. I will gradually tone that down. ^^;;

*Taken directly (as in, word for word) from the character profiles at the back of Vol.1

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